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Chorus Polaris is raising funds for the 2023-2034 season.

As part of our mission to engage, connect, and strengthen communities through collaboration and educational outreach, we are proud to present the cantata, "The Gates of Justice" by Dave Brubeck next season.

Brubeck wrote "The Gates of Justice" in an attempt to heal the rift between Jewish and Black Americans that emerged after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968. This choral work focuses on the spiritual and cultural parallels between Jewish and Black Americans, highlighting commonalities through histories of enslavement and migration, similarities in musical texts and heritage, and an ongoing pursuit of social justice.

In addition to a mixed chorus, the score for "The Gates of Justice" calls for a jazz trio, 11 brass players, an organ, timpani, and 1-2 percussionists. In addition to raising operating funds for our upcoming season, we need additional funds (approximately $18,000) to present "The Gates of Justice" with the required musicians.

Help us on our journey to a world in which communities support, collaborate, and care for all while respecting each person's individuality. Support our mission to engage, connect, and strengthen communities.

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