Mission Statement


Chorus Polaris connects with the community through a broad range of musical styles, educational outreach, and collaboration.  Our members pursue choral excellence to achieve expressive power that engages audiences in the celebration of the human experience through music.

Vision Statement

Chorus Polaris provides the opportunity to grow each person’s musical and singing talents.  We are an inspiring collection of inclusive and accepting musicians exploring choral handiworks.  Rehearsals are richly instructive and performance locations vary sometimes participating with other neighboring groups.  Through healthy singing mentored with musical instruction, each choral experience discovers humanity at its finest.  Singing and learning a wide range of music, the choristers discover the joy of accomplishment, realizing a broader understanding of creativity.

Core Values

Chorus Polaris is an inclusive singing group.  Every singer is vital to our success.  We maintain a friendly and cohesive performing group, encouraging everyone to grow as a musician.  We foster fellowship among our members.


Chorus Polaris provides an opportunity for exposure to many styles of music.  We perform a variety of concerts which draw from works by sacred, secular, classical, and popular composers. 


Chorus Polaris is a community of people who share life on a weekly basis and learn the potential of their voices and the styles called for in each song.   We participate in rehearsals and concerts that engage both mind and heart, learning one’s person-hood to contribute and make a difference for community.  We welcome all.


Chorus Polaris is a recreational community chorus of between 50 and 60 professional and amateur singers.  Chorus Polaris values integrity and fairness in its business and fundraising practices.