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Our Mission

Our mission is to engage, connect, and strengthen communities through collaboration and educational outreach.

Our goals:

  • to touch the lives of people through artistic excellence, expressed through a broad range of musical styles

  • choral excellence that engages audiences, and shares and celebrates the human experience through music

Our Vision

​Our vision is a world in which communities support, collaborate, and care for everyone while respecting each person's individuality.

This influence facilitates growth, tackles challenges, induces learning, fosters collaboration, and encourages mutual care.

Our choral community offers growth through challenging repertoire, artistic exploration, discovery, and collaboration among a diverse pool of musicians.

Inspired by diversity, we aspire to be an accepting family of inclusiveness, characterized by a membership comprised of musicians with a broad range of interests, thoughts, and beliefs who are individually committed to artistic excellence.

Our Values

​Our values are based on the fundamental principles of integrity, fairness, equality, and collaboration.

We value:

  • EXCELLENCE: We are a community of passionate musicians with strong leadership who work hard to create top-quality performances that bring communities together.

  • RESPECT: We provide a welcoming environment that is respectful to all to create joyful experiences and lifelong memories.

  • COMMUNITY: We recognize the special role that the arts play in enabling strong communities. Through our collaboration with others, we learn and grow and encourage the same. We work diligently to keep our activities accessible to all.

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